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We have a dog!

My uncle, aunt and cousins had a dog in the garden of their house. Her name is Tina, she is 8 years old, a very good dog and so cute! ♥

Two months ago she started to walk badly and in the end she didn't move at all. She didn't eat neither. I was hoping they'd have good heart and take her to the vet, but they didn't. When my mother asked if they'd take her there my aunt replied: "Anything else?!" with sarcasm. My mother, my sister, my grandparents and I were heartborken at her answer, so we decided that if they'd let us, we'd take care of Tina. They agreed immediately, as long as they didn't have to pay anything ¬___¬+++++

So now, Tina is one more of my family. The vet said that it was their back leg ligaments that were out of place and he said to give her medication. Maybe when she's in better shape we might have to operate her. The vet also said that her teeth were very bad and that they'll all fall. It's so sad! T__T

We take her to cut her fur and forcing her, slowly, she has started to eat. She doesn't walk very much, but sometimes she walks with only her two front legs! It's so cute! XD

Here is she!:



I hope she slowly will get well! ^__^

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