La Mona

The first Monday after the Sunday's Easter it's typical in Catalunya to eat mona and because of that it's called El Dia de la Mona (Mona's Day).

Mones are a cake that godparents give as a present to their godsons. They can be of butter, chocolate, fruit,... or a mix of them. They can also have a figurine of chocolate (each year there are different figurines that are in fashion depending on what happened that year -like characters of cartoons or movies, football players, etc-) or the typical chocolate egg.

This one was given to us thanks to a couple of good friends of my grandparents and is all home-made! It was delicious! <3

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Sant Jordi 2011

Sant Jordi it's a traditional festivity of Catalunya that is celebrated the 23d of April.

The legend says that, long time ago, in a village there was a Dragon that was eating all the available cattle. When he finished eating it all, the villagers decided to make a draw every week with the daughters they had and the chosen one will be devoured by the dragon. But in one occasion, the girl chosen was the Princess of the castle of the village, so the King didn't want to let her go meet the dragon. Although that, she was brave and decided on her own that she had to sacrifice herself in behalf of the other villagers. She went to the cave where the dragon lived and when she was about to be eaten, a Knight (Sant Jordi) appeared and started to fight with the Dragon. He could kill him with his sword, and in the blood of the dragon that fell to the gound appeared a rosebush with red roses. The Knight cut off one and he gave it to the Princess, then he rode away.

On Sant Jordi's Day it's typical that the man of the couple gives her girlfriend or wife a red rose and in exchange she gives him a book. Because of this, Sant Jordi's Day it's a literature day in Catalunya and there're a lot of books and roses sold.

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La Dama de les Flors de Florejacs

This month my mother and grandfather went to visit Florejacs, a village where when spring starts celebrate a Festival dedicated to the flowers (it's called The Lady of the Flowers of Florejacs). Sadly, I couldn't go, but they took some photos and they look amazing! *__* I hope you like them, too! ^__^

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Feliç Aniversari, Roig!

Moltes felicitats,[info]roig ! *hugs a loooooooooot* ^___^

Amb retard (espero que em perdonis! -__-;;;) però espero que passessis un bon dia amb la família i els amics, mengessis pastís i et regalessin moltes coses! ;D

Espero que estiguis bé, que ara fa molt que no sé res de tu! Cuida't molt! :D


Feliz Cumpleaños, [info]kudakitsunechan !!! *hugs a loooot* ^___^

Espero que pases un buen día con tu familia y amigos, que fangirlees mucho, que comas pastel y tengas muchos regalos! ;D
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Moltes felicitats!

Feliç Aniversari, [info]arkray !!! *hugs a looooooooot* ^__^

Espero que passis un bon dia, tinguis regals i mengis pastís! ;D

I que en facis molts, molts més! :D

Gràcies per aguantar-me a l'Skype! ;P
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This season's anime

From my point of view, these may be the best anime of this season! *__*

Hourou Musuko

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

And I also like GOSICK's opening and I hope the story will be awesome as well! ;D

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